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We Want You!

Rodding USA is a glossy monthly magazine produced for hot rodders by hot rodders.

It’s available in print nationwide across America and also the world via a network of selected dealers. Rodding USA is not available in print on traditional retail store newsstands but is available online via digital newsstands.

The upside

  • Be part of the exclusive print distribution network. No competition from newsstands.
  • Create an additional revenue stream by attracting new and potential customers.
  • Grow existing customer visit frequency.
  • Make money with an attractive 25% profit margin.
  • Benefit from a free 1/12 page advertisement for your business in the magazine if you purchase 20 copies or more.
  • Free shipping to you. (USA dealers only)
  • Your business name and contact details will be included in the Dealer Directory in print in the magazine and on our website.
  • Flexible program allows you to vary your monthly order quantity to meet your expected sales demand or cancel out at any time.

The downside

  • Our policy is for no returns or RFC’s
  • You may sell out or may not. You carry the commercial risk as you would with any inventory item stocked and sold.
  • Minimum order of 10 copies applies.

For registration or more information contact: Paul Martinez at (520) 444 5603 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.