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Rodding USA is positioned at the upper end of magazines in tactile look and feel thanks to its reader-friendly, high editorial-to-advertising mix, pure hot rod content, gloss art paper, layout style and photography. This distills down to an out-take of a high quality product which is a great read and has a good feel to it.

This fresh face in the hot rod segment is put together by a highly experienced team of long-time hot rodders who have a combined experience of over 40 years each in and around the hot rod industry in sales and publishing roles. They bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and insight to the enterprise and a passion for proper hot rods with traditional style and they’re used to getting the most out of meager resources. This means that Rodding USA delivers low advertising rates which result from low overheads and we only print to order, thereby saving the unnecessary printing and distribution of magazines which perhaps only 50 percent of will sell at retail stores.

Advertisers in Rodding USA are primarily established suppliers in the hot rod industry who are looking to maximize their advertising reach and budget with our wide distribution and very competitive rates. We also look at assisting small or medium enterprises who, in the past, may not have advertised much because it was viewed as too expensive.

Advertising mix (page count) is kept low to 25% of total pages to give readers a better reading experience. That means it’s not top heavy with ads. Advertising prices are based on the marketing philosophy that most hot rod businesses are SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises and cottage-type industries) which don’t have large marketing budgets. We’d rather assist them in building their brands by building awareness through frequency. That frequency will be built on available budget so our advertising rates reflect the thinking that “we’d rather you advertise often as opposed to just once” because of high insertion rates. This is the way that advertisers get real value from advertising in this magazine and become return customers.

The big picture in a nutshell
The media kit is you first stop towards advertising. It contains information about the magazine, its content, reader demographics, distribution, ad sizes, rates and much more.