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We recognize that times are changing fast with the introduction of new technologies.

Traditional publishers are discovering loyal readers prefer paper based magazines but recognize the need to also provide digital versions which are responsive to the device they're being viewed on.

To reflect this changing landscape Rodding USA is distributed nationwide and worldwide with a mix of traditional print media and digital versions. The print version, for those who want to enjoy the tactile feel of reading a magazine, is available for subscribers and to individual buyers direct from the publisher or through a network of rod shops, independent book stores and selected car shows. You won't find it retail stores in the traditional magazine retail distribution model.

Digital - Single issues and subscriptions will be available on digital newsstands via digital devices. That means the magazine is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime and advertisers now have the mechanism to extend their reach to potential customers nationwide and even worldwide.

The big picture in a nutshell
The media kit is you first stop towards advertising. It contains information about the magazine, its content, reader demographics, distribution, ad sizes, rates and much more.