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The Concept

RoddingUSA magazine is based on a traditional recipe for its product but on tomorrow’s model for its distribution in recognition of consumers changing behaviours in the way they seek information.

It’s available in print for those who enjoy the tactile feel of reading a paper magazine plus it's on all digital newsstands and devices across America and the world.

I think it's an excellent concept. Rodding USA covers the cars I like and build ... George Poteet

Rodding USA gets my vote and is sure to be a hit with readers.....Gary Vahling

The Product

RoddingUSA is a high quality 116 page bi-monthly magazine printed on Gloss Art paper featuring hot rods and events from across America.

The content-rich magazine is designed for readers who enjoy the core hot rod experience and is created for them by true hot rodders with a ton of experience and a passion for the hobby. It features a range of cars from the mid-1920s through the early 1960s with an emphasis on traditional style hot rods.

Editor, Paul Martinez says “Our master hot rod articles will run from 10-12 pages and will not only focus on the overall look of a car but the details which make it flow. Likewise for extended event coverage. Paul relates, “When you have 500 to 5,000 cars at an event you need to devote enough space to have the reader feel that they have experienced something special even if they were not able to attend.

Our event coverage varies from 6-15 pages depending on the event.”That’s complemented by technical stories, a business spotlight, car collections, garage scenes, industry icons, readers’ rods, a product showcase and more. You will see our content vary slightly with each issue to kep it fresh and interesting.

Rodding USA…by hot rodders, for hot rodders.