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Available now in select styles, stay tuned for more! Boyne City, MI, November 3rd, 2015 — Classic Instruments has just released their all new, 2 ." Full sweep Tachometers. These tachs are debuting as new product at the SEMA show and are now available in these select styles. 

We are now Blower Shop and BDS Dealers, as well as Largest Enderle Dealer on the East Coast

 Blower Shop

Blower Shop 14-71 Complete Big Block Chevy Special
2050 Billet 14-71 Stripped for Gas, or Alcohol, 60 degree helix , centre discharge. w/sight glass and pressure relief valve
Polished Blower Shop Rectangular port intake manifold w/pop-off valve
Stud kit
Blower Hub (no balancer needed with a blower )
1V accessory pulley - + $60 for 2V accessory pulley
8mm Polished Drive system - any ratio we decide on from 20% under to 25% over (custom for your engine)
Blower Shop snout assembly
Snout mounted idler assembly
1 qt Synthetic Blower lubricant
Polished carb top for 1x 4150 or 2 x 4150
Ready to install and will make 16 lbs boost on a 502 cu in at 10% overdrive 25lbs at 20% overdrive
•Shipping Weight: 140lbs
•Manufactured by: The Blower Shop

Blower Shop

Blower Shop 14-71 Complete Big Block Chevy Special
2051 Billet 14-71 Stripped for Gas, or Alcohol, 120 degree High-Helix , center discharge. w/sight glass and pressure relief valve
Polished Blower Shop Rec port intake manifold w pop off valve - + $200 for burst panel intake : less $175 for satin
Stud kit
Blower Hub ( no balancer needed with a blower )
1V accessory pulley - + $60 for 2V accessory pulley
8mm Polished Drive system - any ratio we decide on from 20% under to 25% over ( custom for your engine )
Blower Shop Snout assembly
Snout mounted idler assembly
1qt synthetic blower lubricant
Polished carb top for 1x 4150 or 2 x 4150
Ready to Install
will make 18 lbs boost on a 502 cu in at 10% overdrive 28 lbs at 20% overdrive
Cooler charge with High Helix rotors - can run it faster, and make boost all the way up to 10,000 blower RPM
•Shipping Weight: 140lbs
•Manufactured by: The Blower Shop

Fuel Filter

Fuel Injection OR Carb Filter - 10 AN
65 micron
High flow filter for gas, alky, nitro, or E85.
10 inch long billet aluminum, 65 micron stainless element.
12" overall x 2" dia
Great for Mechanical or EFI injections. Works with Hilborn, Enderle, Kinsler, Ron's, Engler, Algon, Jackson , Crower
Never needs replacing
Hard Anozided - Methanol and Nitro will not affect it.

Mopar injector

Rebuilt Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Hilborn 8 Stack Mechanical Injection
2-1/16" Butterflies
383-413-426-440 Max Wedge
Ports are 2.60" x 1.40"
Rebuilt Barrel valve
NEW Hoses - $160
4" Stacks
Ready to sit on engine to run gas - We will change it to alcohol at N/C if you call us before you buy! 615-457-3192The Wedge, Chryslers way of saying this isn’t the Hemi, but that didn’t matter as these conventional style cylinder head engines hold their own in the high performance arena.
These engines came in different sizes and in some instances with some pretty wild induction systems.
Experience the true power potential and all of the drivability a Hilborn injector can offer your wedge engine today.
Why is a Hilborn from Alkydigger better?
Since a Hilborn Injector is part of the IR (individual runner) family it does not suffer from the disruptive cylinder to cylinder pulses associated with a common plenum intake.
These pulses promote fuel separation from the air carrier, the slowing of air movement in the manifold, and the inability to realize engine potential due to poor burn characteristics in the combustion chamber.
The IR design of the Hilborn isolates these pulses allowing the engine to make more bottom end torque, have increased throttle response and most importantly allow the engine to accelerate faster.
Most applications will also see a significant increase in top end power. These same attributes also allow smoother low speed drivability.
Besides, nothing looks better than eight stacks sitting on top of your engine. Have the best of both worlds with a Hilborn!
Proudly made in the USA! Each unit built for your specific engine. Call Mike and he will do the work for you. 615-457-3192
Thousands of Fuel Injections and Parts in stock at America’s Largest Hilborn Dealer
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Hilborn Fuel Injection
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Blower Shop

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Book 2

SCTA Bonneville National Speed Trials 1949-1968.
If you’re a Bonneville history buff, this two-book set SCTA Bonneville National Speed Trials – 1949–1968 is for you. These two books are a compilation of Bonneville racing history, each with a chronological reproduction of the first twenty years of all the actual racing programs from 1949-1968. This never before assembled set of programs has previously been impossible to find. Here you have it all in this one book set! Book-1 guides you into the history of the times as young adrenalin seekers see the need for an even playing field of rules in world of land speed racing, leading to the formation of the SCTA in the 1930s. Following is a Racers’ Gallery complete with early dry lakes photos and details. Book-1 then carries on with a complete reproduction of every page of Bonneville programs from 1949-1958. Book-II shares an astounding collection of every page of the Bonneville programs from 1959-1968. Together, the books total over 680 pages. Just 2,000 copies of the book set will be available at special pricing during a fundraising promotion in Hall 9 at the SCTA Dry Lakes Racing exhibit in Pomona during the 2016 Grand National Roadster Show.  Books are available at

The world has lost an industry pioneer and a great, beloved man. Frank Currie passed away on the evening of 3/2/16 of natural causes in Yorba Linda, California with his family at his side. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Evelyn, his 4 sons, Charles, John, Raymond and Andy, as well as a large extended family. Frank was born in Anaheim, California in 1929 and was one of 5 children. He was heavily involved in the early years of hot rodding, building Model A’s and T’s with overhead converted engines. Frank was known early on as the engine conversion go-to-guy. Frank was from a different time and a different generation. A time of innovators and entrepreneurs. A time when building hot rods was actually hard work and information and parts were scarce. He competed at the original Santa Ana Drags as well as lakes racing at Muroc and El Mirage. Being born in Southern California, Frank saw and did everything hot rodding’s early days had to offer. Frank is a Korean war era veteran where he was stationed in Oklahoma in the Airforce as an aircraft mechanic. Following his service, Frank went to work at Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing in Anaheim, California. This is where Frank met his wife, Evelyn. They were married in early 1955 and immediately started a family. Frank eventually became the foreman of the Taylor-Dunn shop where he realized an ever growing need for rear differentials to be adapted to the chicken feeder machines that were manufactured at Taylor-Dunn. In the early days it was Ford banjo rearends, then on to early Plymouth drop out rearends and finally to the 9” Ford. Frank became a large supplier of the core rearends to Taylor-Dunn. Property was bought in east Anaheim in 1956 and in 1959, Frank and Evelyn founded Currie Enterprises and moved full time to their own business of supplying the rearend cores. As the years went on, facilities grew and Frank added tear down, rebuilding, and modification facilities for the rearends he was supplying to Taylor-Dunn. As Frank’s boys grew, he offered them as much piece work as they wanted to do in the shop to earn money for fun things like motorcycles and cars. In 1985 Currie Enterprises moved again to a larger facility and Frank’s boys took over the reins of the company as Frank retired to build hot rods and Jeeps. Frank competed in The Great American Race 20 times, winning the overall once and winning countless segments. . He also dabbled in the LaCarrera Panamerica 3 years in a row with his ’65 Shelby Mustang. He remains the only person in history to have driven a car to Bonneville, run over 200 mph, and driven the car home. This car, his AA/SR #258, was 1998 Hot Rod of the year. He was a ’32 Ford lover and aficionado to the bone. At the time of his passing, he had two ’32 roadsters, a ’32 3-window coupe and a ’32 Tudor sedan. Jeeping and off roading was another family passion. From early Broncos and Willys station wagons, all the way up to his last Jeep, an LS powered TJ, Frank was an experienced off roader. He spent many off road trips Jeeping with Tom McMullen in the 80’s and he co-drove with son John in the first BFG Rock Crawling Championship in 1998, where they took a second place finish. Frank was a member of the California Roadsters car club and had been a member of the Regroupers Jeep Club. The family asks that any correspondence or sentiments be sent to: Currie Enterprises 382 N. Smith Ave. Corona, Ca. 92880 Frank 1